Real Estate in Costa Rica

At L.A.W. Xperts we are delighted to walk you through the purchase of your dream property and to assist you in the sale of your property.

Why do you need a reliable real estate attorney? For your PEACE OF MIND.

You will have someone looking out for your best interests making sure that your investments are safe. We will accompany you from the negotiation phase, to revising or making the contract and ensuring that the closing goes smoothly.

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  • Due Diligence: research recommended before buying property: We will check up if title is clean and free of liens, annotations, mortgages, encumbrances, property taxes, water and letter availability and more.
  • POA’s (Purchase Offer Agreements)
  • PSA’s (Purchase Sale Agreements)
  • Transfer Deeds
  • Opening Escrow Accounts
  • Condominiums

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