Napoleon Quesada Salazar

Our Founder’s Grand Grandfather

Minister of Public Education in Costa Rica from 1924 to 1928. Promoted the development of official primary education programs that are currently taught in schools in the country. Joined the Costa Rican Academy of the Spanish Language in 1934…

Alberto Quesada Monge

Our Founder’s Grandfather

 He practiced law for more than 50 years and was the lawyer for ICE. The Bar association in CR decorated him with a special tribute in 2016 for being an honorable member. Pioneer in Administrative Law, Contracting, and Experts in Contentious Process.

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He was born in San José in 1873 and died in the same city in 1937. He was a Costa Rican educator and writer. He studied law at the University of Costa Rica, but did not practice it.

He was the Minister of Public Education in Costa Rica, in the second Presidency of Mr. Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno from 1924 to 1928, as well as a teacher of High School and Director of the Liceo de Costa Rica from 1932 to 1936.

As Minister of Education, he promoted the development of official primary education programs that incorporated ideas from Roberto Brenes Mesén and that are currently taught in schools in the country.

He published several works, among which three books of poetry stand out.

He joined the Costa Rican Academy of the Spanish Language in 1934, as a number member and elect and was member of the Royal Spanish Academy, occupying the Chair M.

In honor of his career in Costa Rican education, a secondary school in Goicoechea, Guadalupe, Costa Rica, Liceo Napoleón Quesada is named after him.

Main published works: Silabario costarricense (1901), Lecciones de gramática castellana (1929), Recitemos (1931), Del firmamento (1936) y Menudencias (1937). 


Mr. Alberto Quesada Monge, joined as a lawyer to the Bar Association of Costa Rica in 1969, practiced law for more than 50 years and became an elite member of that distinguished Professional Association.

He will always be remembered not only as a great and humble man, father, husband, grandfather and friend but also as an  outstanding professional in the areas of Administrative Law, Public Law and Administrative Contracts.

He had direct participation in different stages of the process of formation of laws and regulations for the update and modernization of the Administrative Laws.

In October 2016, thanks to his impeccable professional career and his excellent work as a pioneer of the Administrative Law, the Costa Rican Bar Association decorated him with a special tribute in his name, where they celebrated his 50 years of practice in Law and of being an honorable member of the Bar Association of Costa Rica.

Professional practice

Mr. Quesada Monge was the  lawyer of the Legal Department of the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) since 1970, a dependency in which he held supervisory positions and served as Chief of Administrative Contracting  Department and Deputy Head of the Legal Department until his retirement in 1996.

As of 1996, Mr. Quesada Monge founded, together with Mr. Carlos Quesada A., the firm QM&A Abogados. As a member of the firm, he served as a Private Advisor and Consultant for private companies mainly in the area of ​​administrative contracting and administrative contentious processes with an emphasis on energy, telecommunications and hydrocarbons sectors and participated in significant bidding procedures for our country.

We honor his career, his values and ethic and we will always treasure his professionalism and teachings.

We will always remember you Dr. Alberto and may your discipline and memory govern our careers.