My name is Nicole Quesada Gurdián and I am the founder of L.A.W. Xperts. I want to share my story with you and hope that one of these days you can share yours with me.

I moved to Nosara in February 2016 for what was supposed to be only a ‘season’. I quit my job in one of the most prestigious firms in San Jose. My career and life were going great but I realized that city life was just not for me. I needed to feel closer to the ocean, sand, and nature.

I changed my life in the blink of an eye following my heart… not knowing what the future was holding there for me. 

I did not come however hoping to make a business in Nosara, I just came hoping for a better quality of life and to find simplicity.

My first year in Nosara totally changed my life. I not only connected deeply with nature but also with God as an almighty intelligence that keeps this planet going and in this path, I found my true self.

Before I founded the firm, I had many jobs in Nosara that were not law-related, this was a sacrifice that I had to make at the beginning when I first moved here. 

However, the job that left a mark on me was at the famous clothing store that you probably have seen in Guiones’ main road ‘LOVE NOSARA’.

Working there led me to where I am today because on this main road I was able to meet the coolest friends that in a certain way encouraged me to open the firm. 

I met Gato and Juanita who sell coconuts in town,  Jefferson who sells empanadas and Caribbean soul food, and I also met all the artisans who sell their beautiful jewelry and crafts, among others. 

They quickly found out that a lawyer was working at the clothing store so they would always stop by for legal consultations and many times offered me pipas, empanadas, and bracelets in return. 

I felt happy and honored to help them with everything I could because they reminded me of who I really was.  We have many stories to share about standing up for their rights in this little road and I will be forever grateful for them.  

During this time I suddenly had an epiphany: 

“If the people that I see on a daily basis in just one road in a 10-meter circumference need help and protection, probably many other people in town need this as well.” 

This was the moment of realization where I took the leap and Founded LAW XPERTS. 

I could not ignore anymore who I was, my PASSION for law and for standing for people’s rights. 

Today, I consider it a BLESSING to be able to work in Guiones and to get to meet all the beautiful people that end up in this magical town and that just like me think it’s only for a season’.

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